Free download : Geoconcept Viewer 7.3

We offer the visualization and consultation map software Geoconcept Viewer 7.3

your data (Geoconcept maps) through an easy-use interface. Geoconcept Viewer replaces Geoconcept Multiviewer. It is enriched with new features based on Geoconcept 7.3 (Geoconcept 7 new interface, Find feature, layout display through the new printing grid, calculation of distances, coordinates display, use of widgets, multi-touch mode for touch-sensitive screens, multi-viewer, selection of objects collection, objects coloring, access to global view, access to the customized toolbar MyGeoconcept and to the Geoconcept general preferences, etc.).

Geoconcept Viewer is an independent application that does not require the Geoconcept GIS.

Dissemination and commercial use of Geoconcept Viewer in large quantity (more than 5 units) is subject to payment: Contact us  

Download Geoconcept Viewer for free 

Free trial : Geoconcept GIS 7.3

You can test Geoconcept GIS 7.3 during a limited period (until the last day of the month that follows the current month)

Download Geoconcept GIS 7 free trial 

Free trial : Opti-Time Cloud

The Opti-Time Cloud app lets you perform geographical optimizations : locating customers, calculating mobile team call schedules…

The application provides comprehensive optimization of sales staff and technical service call schedules, from making the appointment to optimizing movements on the ground.

Opti-Time Cloud is a web application available on the © AppExchange platform.

Test Opti-Time Cloud for 30 days 

Software updates

This downloads are exclusively available for clients who have subscribed to the maintenance contract.

The latest updates are available in the form of on-line downloadable installers. You need to have local administrator rights on your computer to install the updates.

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