At the instigation of a new management team, the Banque Populaire de l’Ouest has elected to equip itself with GEOCONCEPT geo-marketing tools to redefine its agencies’ territories and exploit its location studies using local mapping reports.


The challenge facing Banque Populaire de l’Ouest: making geo-marketing accessible to agency directors

Taux de pénétration - Banque Pooulaire For more than 20 years, Banque Populaire de l’Ouest (BPO) has been using geo-marketing tools to conduct its location studies and optimize the sales sectoring of its 140 agencies.
In 2012 a new management team is installed and decides to look at the use of geo-marketing and defines three objectives :

- involve each agency director by providing him with the local mapping reports describing his various sectors to assist targeted prospecting,

- lend new projects a geographical dimension,

- conduct location studies by analyzing high potential areas and customer behaviour.

The BPO then initiates a market analysis to select a new service provider, tasked with proposing an optimal solution for creating simple and visual geo-marketing reports.



These reports, including sectorial analyses, were to be provided by the geo-marketing department to the 140 agency directors to enable them to gain a better understanding of their territory and prioritize where in them to take action.
About Banque Populaire de l’Ouest :
  • Regional bank present in 7 departments
  • 140 bank agencies
  • Organized into 9 groups
  • 360,000 customers
  • 20 years experience of geo-marketing

The appropriate response: Geoconcept Sales & Marketing

Accessibilité de la zone et taux de curiositéThe BPO motto : simplicity!

" The outcome far exceeds our expectations. The GEOCONCEPT solution enabled us to considerably simplify our network’s geo-marketing data by making them ultra legible and relevant for local decision-makers ”, explained Damien Rouland, Geo-marketing Studies Manager at Banque Populaire de l’Ouest.

Reading and accessing information is simplified by the reporting module, which features a clever system of “bands” for optimal formatting. It should be noted that the tool also provides customization options depending on the requests and problems being dealt with.

Standardised reports enable each agency director to compare his results with those of the group, thereby gaining a very clear view of his performance and potential. He now has all the tools to hand for controlling his own sales development and prioritizing where to act.

In parallel with this local reports project, and to complement repeat in-depth studies, the BPO is working with GEOCONCEPT on other geo-marketing areas, such as defining prospecting areas for various mobile advisers dedicated to professional customers.



The Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution was chosen for this project, notably for its performance and ease of use, which makes the tool very intuitive.

Once the IT system data had been imported and customer geocoding performed the solution was quickly implemented. Today it enables BPO’s geo-marketing department to generate sectoring for each agency, all of which have their own territory.

This enables sales potential and performance studies to be carried out, in particular by comparing analyses of the different territories. The solution also features a reporting module enabling the automatic generation of PDF reports.

This module allows the 140 agencies to use the same report template, with the ability to work at different scales and combine text and graphs, tables or even maps for optimal legibility.