Field Service Management

Optimise your teams’ field service calls

At a time when environmental responsibility has become a necessity, it has a major impact on our businesses, specifically our mobile field teams’ business. GEOCONCEPT is working on the challenges posed by this environmental transition and helps you put in place tomorrow’s, intelligent and responsible, mobility solution, by optimising your teams’ movements.

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management is an intelligent and responsible method for managing your mobile teams. It brings together call planning, the management of your human resources, job allocation based on skills and business and HR constraints, and optimised movements.
The outcome? Your field teams are more productive, your technicians’ and planners’ working conditions are improved, your commitments are easier to honour, and your customers’ are more satisfied.


Productivity gains of 10 to 30%


Impeccable service quality


Better working conditions


Environmentally-friendly approach

Allodiagnostic (ADX Group) has opted to turn to GEOCONCEPT's solutions for optimizing the movements of its 150 real estate diagnosticians when visiting private individuals and professionals throughout France.

"The implementation of GEOCONCEPT’s planning optimization solution is a global success from an economic, technical and human point of view"

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Our solutions have been recognised by Gartner, in the Field Service Management Magic Quadrant, and in the Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Market Guide since 2016.

Our comprehensive and powerful range of solutions

They use the Opti-Time range

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