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Intended for developers and integrators, hosted geographical web services are a real performance booster for company processes. Easy to integrate, Geoptimization APIs provide all the features required to create a true geoptimization platform.

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API de cartographie


- cartographic display
- conversion of coordinates
- weather conditions displa

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API de géocodage


- autocompletion
- unitary, batch, reverse geocoding
- address normalization..

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API de calcul d'itinéraire


- route calculation
- scheduling
- matrix calculation
- search around
- ETA...

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API de sectorisation

Territory management

- multi-criteria balancing and allocation of sectors

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API d'optimisation


- multi-day optimization (advanced constraints)

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API de géoplanification


- automatic generation of optimized schedules

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Geoptimization API key strenghts

Tracking a vehicle fleet, automatically locating calls, looking for the nearest delivery point...

Geoptimization APIs enrich web applications with innovative geoptimization features: optimization of multi-constraint routes, batch geocoding, calculating distance matrices…

Quick ROI 

Geoptimization improves market coverage and customer services, reduces operating costs...

Simple to integrate

Each web service comes with detailed documentation and specific examples

High availability

Geoptimization APIs ensure security and a high level of availability


Suitable for professional use




Global geographical coverage


The fastest web services


Round optimization, geoplanning

Partners and customers using our geoptimization APIs

oTMS is the leading Cloud-Computing Transport Management System in China and was founded on the principle of creating a balanced, mutually beneficial, community-based approach to supply chain management.

Geoconcept Cloud APIs were integrated to : 

  • Map shipping information for Carriers  
  • Calculate Third Party Logistic Providers pricing
  • Maximize loading on long haul for the Carriers.
  • Propose optimized pick-up & delivery schedules to Carriers.
  • Lower transport costs for both Shippers and Carriers.

Coheris CRM integrated GEOCONCEPT geoptimization APIs to improve salesforces efficiency.


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