Geo-marketing and catchment area

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing: the geo-marketing software for analyzing your catchment areas

Analyze your data and conduct comprehensive geo-marketing studies with a collaborative, easy-to-use solution tailored to your business. Maps, as true communication tools, help you to make the best decisions, understand your territorial grid, and efficiently develop your network of sales outlets, agencies, sites…

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing :
what is it for?

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing helps companies study, understand and exploit their sales potential to the full. Developed for network development, sales, marketing and communication professionals, this go-to geo-marketing software combines all the necessary features for the spatial and statistical analysis of geographical, sales and marketing data.

If you want to calculate a catchment area, find the best sites for your stores, carry out a market study, identify your priority prospecting areas, estimate the potential turnover of a future sales outlet, or test a new sales strategy, Geoconcept Sales & Marketing is for you!

Network analysis, optimised coverage

network analysis

Calculation of catchment areas, market study

catchment areas

Customer knowledge, targeting of communication




New site selection, predictive


Territory management, balancing sales territories


Publishing analytical and summary reports

Geo-marketing studies are your sales development allies

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing helps you to make the right decisions: accurately siting your company’s distribution network, analyzing sales performance, improving product penetration rate, calculating your stores’ catchment areas, identifying as yet uncovered high potential areas, analyzing the distribution of workloads between field teams, publishing analytical reports…

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The main features
of Geoconcept Sales & Marketing

An all-in-one geo-marketing solution tailored to your business


Easily integrate data

  • Import formats: XLSX, ODS, KML, MDB, WFS, MNT, SRTM HGT...;
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostGreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL...;
  • Web services: Microsoft Bing, IGN Geoportail, Google Street View, OpenStreetMap...

Customer retention files, socio-demographic data, consumer statistics, behavioural databases… Geoconcept Sales & Marketing manages all your sales and marketing data. Update information smoothly and quickly even with important data volumes by dragging and dropping files or linking directly to a database.

Efficiently pinpoint addresses

  • unitary geocoding, mass geocoding, reverse geocoding;
  • house number, street, district, town level geocoding...;
  • interactive error processing, address standardization;
  • French and foreign nomenclature manager.

Accurately pinpointing an address on a map is a fundamental prerequisite for ensuring the quality and relevance of a geo-marketing study. Be it customers, prospects, stores, agencies, sites or competitors, Geoconcept Sales & Marketing enables you to geocode more than 8 million addresses within 1 hour.


Representing and understanding data

  • statistical analyses: colour gradients, symbols, pie charts…;
  • complex representations: aggregates, heat maps, flow maps...;
  • intelligent display of items, personalization of legends;
  • design and processing of 3D and 4D data.

The cartographic display of business data enables you to identify development potential at a glance and to interpret and optimise possible organisational failings. Geoconcept Sales & Marketing’s many display modes enable the user accurately to evaluate his network’s strengths and weaknesses and to make the best decisions.

Analysis, simulation and anticipation

  • spatial analysis: buffer zone, equidistant sector, topological and attribute junction, specific grid, coverage curve…;
  • accessibility analysis: isochrone and isodistance zones, distance tables, route calculation, barycenters, search around function…

Analysing one’s customer base, evaluating one’s market coverage or identifying sales outlets that are cannibalising or competing with one another are essential to improve your activities’ performance. Geoconcept Sales & Marketing’s powerful analytical tools help to diagnose one’s sale territory, and to develop and control the implementation of new sales and marketing strategies.


Locally adapting direct marketing

  • improved customer knowledge;
  • calculation of targeting areas;
  • geo-merchandising and tailoring of the offering.

Geography considerably enhances customer knowledge. Geoconcept Sales & Marketing identifies the priority prospecting areas and enables the development of profitable targeting strategies tailored to each customer profile. Knowing one’s customers better also enables you to efficiently tailor the product and servicing offering in the store and in the agency, and increase sales performance.

Developing one’s network

  • predictive analysis: coverage curve, impact study and simulation;
  • Huff and MCI probabilistic gravitational attraction models;
  • segmentation and customer typologies.

When siting a new sales outlet, you need to analyse customer behaviour, measure competitor influence and estimate sales potential. Geoconcept Sales & Marketing models the activity and the environment, quickly identifies the ideal development areas, measures the potential of a new site location and accurately evaluates the impact of the opening (or the closure) of a store on sites within the existing network.


Optimizing teams and movements

  • multi-criteria territory management: equidistant sectors, from a pattern of points, affiliation with hubs, combination of surface entities…
  • optimizing constraint-based routes: route plans, customizable road graphs, traffic models…

Market coverage is only optimal if the sale sectors are balanced and field employee movements (salespeople, merchandisers, auditors…) are optimised. Fairly distributing the sales portfolio, defining realistic sales targets, optimising visit routes… : Geoconcept Sales & Marketing helps improve field team productivity.

Working collaboratively

  • shared cartographic reference table;
  • centralization of data and map-user components;
  • management of users and groups of users;
  • data dissemination by reference table subscription system.

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Provides centralised data management to enable teamwork. Access to data and studies is secured by sophisticated user rights management. Sharing the same workspace with several co-workers, while maintaining each of their studies increases relevance and efficiency.


Disseminating studies, making decisions

  • integrated report generator: maps, graphs, tables… ;
  • online publication of maps and studies;
  • creation of geographical applications and web portals;
  • integration of geo-optimisation APIs.

Geo-marketing studies enable you to monitor the main KPIs helping you manage activity. It is easy to share the studies by creating personalised and automated reports. New opening projects, activity in summary reports, sales reporting... Geoconcept Sales & Marketing enables you to send your studies to your managers, your team, to a customer with just one click of the mouse.

Zooming in on catchment areas 

The different types of catchment area and their uses

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White Paper: Geo-Business Intelligence

Benefits and implementation of geography within business intelligence
Business Intelligence, as the name suggests is a practice to understand the right business drivers and factors to boost business & hence revenue. The practice of BI is now decades old and it has evolved and adapted to the global business scenario…
Context, how geography helps Business, definition and benefits of Geo-BI, how to implement Geo-BI.

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What is geo-marketing?

Geo-marketing is a discipline that aims to optimize marketing and sales strategy performance using geographical analysis. More specifically, it involves depicting on a map all the data relating to a company, its actual or potential customers, and its competitors, and analyzing this data in order to make the best possible decisions in terms of sales outlet location, network development and communication activities.

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