Launch of Geoconcept Geolocate, a mobile geolocation application for professionals


GEOCONCEPT announces the launch of Geoconcept Geolocate, a mobile geolocation application for professionals.

The Geoconcept Geolocate mobile application enables field professionals to geolocate information directly on the ground, providing even more detailed and accurate analyses.

The Geoconcept Geolocate mobile application enables field professionals to geolocate information directly on the ground, providing even more detailed and accurate analyses.

GEOCONCEPT,  the designer of geographical optimisation technologies for professionals, announces the launch of Geoconcept Geolocate, its new Android application.

Two versions of the Geoconcept Geolocate application (free and Premium) are now available. 

A geolocation application which enhances databases


To improve mobile resource efficiency and company performance, Geoconcept Geolocate enables mobile teams to geolocate an address, a locality, an object/building (hydrant, forest landmark...) directly on the ground from a smartphone or tablet.

At the desired moment, the application assigns x, y coordinates from the field using a GPS source, with no need for an Internet connection.
The coordinates are then captured before being recorded in the application. 
With Geoconcept Geolocate, sales personnel, technicians, delivery staff but also firefighters or military personnel can easily capture the exact address of a customer, sales/delivery outlet, callout location and update their information.
They capture the x, y coordinates from their mobile terminal and update them or create new data in their reference table.  The data geolocated in this way can then be exported by means of a CSV file.


A Premium version for advanced geo-optimisation features

In addition to the features already existing in its free offering, GEOCONCEPT is offering a Premium version of Geoconcept Geolocate.

This version enables the user to access a comprehensive web solution for managing this database: in addition to geocoding tools and for navigating everywhere on a map, the mobile teams' itineraries can be optimised and geo-marketing features provided.
The Geoconcept Geolocate Premium application also allows:
  • Data to be imported and exported from an SQLite database for greater interoperability
  • Dynamic  typing
  • Synchronisation with the IT system (CRM, ERP ...)
  • The addition of geo-located photos and videos
  • The capture of an unlimited number of data items (import/export limited to 30 contacts for the free version).
The Geoconcept Geolocate application is already available on Google Play.


Created from the merger between GEOCONCEPT, Europe’s leading Geographical Information System publisher, and Opti-Time, which publishes software for professionals, today the GEOCONCEPT Group ranks among the world leaders in enterprise cartographic and optimization applications.  
Always at the forefront since it was founded in 1990, GEOCONCEPT combined geographical information and optimization tools to invent geo-optimization, or the optimization of activities by intelligently integrating geographical information into systems. Innovation is always at the heart of the Group's strategy with 25% of its expenditure dedicated to R&D. The benefits of geo-optimization apply to areas as varied as geo-marketing, territory management, crisis management or mobile workforce management… Within each area, the geographical optimization components and solutions can be integrated directly by the clients or by Group partners. 
The GEOCONCEPT Group has locations in Paris, Grenoble and Caen as well as foreign subsidiaries: Chennai/India, Geneva/Switzerland, Madrid/Spain, Shanghai/China. Strategic partners also resell the Group's solutions in London/Great Britain, Mexico City/Mexico,  São Paulo/Brazil, Tokyo/Japan…The Group's solutions are available in 7 languages. Today the GEOCONCEPT Group boasts more than 10,000 reference customers at 100,000 geo-optimized resources in 35 countries.
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Christèle Fernandes