The new engine Geoconcept 7.2 offers a innovative touch mode interface and many other new features


Intuitive, efficient and user friendly, Geoconcept 7.2 is compliant with the technological trends of the moment and promotes the access and the dissemination of geographic information: Windows 8 compatibility, interoperability, web services, mobile applications, 3D, 4D, reporting, geocoding...

The 27th of June 2013

GEOCONCEPT announces its new engine Geoconcept 7.2. This Geographic Information System engine is more Intuitive, efficient and user friendly.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) of Geoconcept is the central kernel of a range of products expert in the areas of spatial data management, creation and publishing of cartographic and geographical analyses. Geoconcept, desktop solution, supports vector and raster data, point, line, surface and text objects. Its powerful engine for managing geometric and attributes data of variable sizes, allows to fully exploiting complex databases.

Geoconcept 7.2 GIS is compliant with the technological trends of the moment and promotes the access and the sharing of geographic information: Windows 8 compatibility, interoperability, web services, mobile applications, 3D, 4D, reporting, geocoding...



New Touch mode

The innovative touch mode has been completely redesigned to enrich the available features and perfectly fit with all sizes of touchscreens. The touch mode is still accessible from de Windows menu and through the Touch Mode button. Two interfaces are available: a docked sidebar at the bottom of the screen and a floating "radio-menu" that can be placed where desired. The touch mode is available for all Geoconcept versions (Enterprise, Standard, Starter, Viewer) and also for Geoconcept Sales & Marketing and Geoconcept Defense. It can be used on new generation of Windows 8 or Windows 7 laptops and tablets (not available for Windows RT).

Web publishing

Geoconcept allows users to upload a map to a remote server (through a shared folder or via FTP) or to publish or update a web existing project via Easy Geoweb, the simple online publishing wizard of Geoconcept Internet Server 4.6. This function is accessible in a few clicks using the new Publish button located in the Links menu (Web Maps section).


New import formats

GDAL/OGR library now proposes 45 imports formats (vs 39 in version 7.1). The following formats have been added: Open Street Map (XML/PBF), MapInfo TAB, ODS often used in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice, SQLite and SpatiaLite, and also XLS and XLSX.

Web Maps: The WMS mode now supports WMS 1.3 and allows the re-projection, the Geoportail mode allows an optimal rendering and the WFS import of Geoportail data is also available.

Among new features ...

  • Windows 8 compatibility: Windows 8 for Intel processor (not compatible with Windows RT for ARM processors).
  • 3D data: The raster import of DTM (Digital Terrain Mapping) is now available for coastal DTM covering under the sea level areas (with negative altitudes), such as IGN RGE® ALTI (2013-2014), or Litto3D.
  • SmartLabel: The font, the size and the color of the labels on the map can be customized while creating new layers or updating existing SmartLabel layers.
  • It is now possible to geocode a selected point objects in the current map.
  • Isochrones/isodistances can create linear objects (achievable road sections).
  • It is now possible to generate lines centroids.
  • The Grouping/Redistricting function deals with point objects and allows the creation of barycenters or barycenters of groups of points with weighting based on a selected field.


7.2 version
main new features

New touch mode interface
Publishing a map into GCIS
New import formats
Geocoding from a map
New advanced features





A propos du Groupe GEOCONCEPT

Né de la fusion de GEOCONCEPT, 1er éditeur européen de Systèmes d’Information Géographique, et d’Opti-Time, éditeur de logiciels de planification pour les professionnels, le Groupe GEOCONCEPT se positionne aujourd’hui parmi les leaders mondiaux dans les applications de cartographie et d’optimisation pour les entreprises. Le Groupe enregistre un chiffre d’affaires de 12 millions d’euros.

Toujours à l’avant-garde depuis sa création en 1990, GEOCONCEPT a allié information géographique et outils d’optimisation pour inventer la géoptimisation, ou optimisation des activités par l’intégration intelligente de l’information géographique dans les systèmes. L’innovation est toujours au cœur de la stratégie du Groupe qui consacre 25% de ses dépenses en R&D.

Les bénéfices de la géoptimisation s’appliquent dans des domaines aussi variés que le géomarketing, la gestion territoriale, l’urgence ou la gestion des forces mobiles... Au sein de chaque domaine, les composants et solutions d’optimisation géographique peuvent être intégrés directement par les clients ou via des partenaires du Groupe.

Le Groupe GEOCONCEPT est implanté à Paris, Grenoble et Caen, et dispose de filiales à l’étranger : Chennai/Inde, Genève/Suisse, Madrid/Espagne, Shanghai/Chine. Des partenaires stratégiques revendent aussi les solutions du Groupe  à Londres/Grande Bretagne, Mexico/Mexique,  SãoPaulo/Brésil, Tokyo/Japon…Les solutions du Groupe sont disponibles en 7 langues.

Aujourd’hui,  le  Groupe GEOCONCEPT compte plus de 10 000 références clients et possède dans 35 pays, un parc installé de plus de 105 000 licences.

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Elise Koenig
Tel : 01 56 02 68 38

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