Geoconcept’s TourSolver optimizes sales planning of Pfizer


Pfizer Japan chooses Geoconcept’s TourSolver to visualize its market coverage and plan sales deployment.

According to Mr. Hasuike of the sales strategy department: “The software increases our efficiency by helping re-plan our sales territories taking into consideration all of the geographical data. However, the ever changing health care environment still keeps giving us challenges, it is difficult to respect the complicated visit requirements of the hospitals while keeping our MRs active and efficient.”

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Hormann develops its sales network in China with GEOCONCEPT


Hormann has decided to turn to GEOCONCEPT, an acknowledged player in the geomarketing market, to improve its development strategy.

Hormann Group is specialized in the manufacturing of doors, gates, frames and operators for private and commercial properties.Over 80 individual sales locations were built in more than 30 countries as well as hundreds of authorized dealers were placed in about 35 additional countries.

To refine its development strategy, Hormann chooses Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution, coupled with Report for Geoconcept, a report design and generation module. "Ensuring a comprehensive service and professional consultancy every day to our customer is extremely crucial. The solution enables a better understanding of our territorial areas development and our real sales potential”, said Sascha Wechesser, After Sales Service & Installation Manager.

Thanks to the Geoconcept system, Hormann is capable to adjust its development strategy quickly according to the analysis from Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution. “The goal is to ensure short distances for our customers all over China”, Sascha added, “creating and displaying isochrone areas enables us to identify the customer coverage of each sales site as well as to display not covered areas”.

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New census data For India


GEOCONCEPT India brings out a complete and detailed grid of the administrative divisions of India as per census 2011 from state to the village/town unit level and additional ward level units for major cities of India. With about 595904 administrative units and over 99 % of the population mapped at village and town level, this dataset is one of the most comprehensive version of the Indian census 2011 administrative divisions available in the market today.

GEOCONCEPT India also offers the Indian census 2011 socio-demographic data as a standard along with the administrative unit mapping which includes 85 statistical demographic indicators and will shortly also include approximately around 125 amenities, households and economic statistical indicators.

As a further value addition, for more effective and accurate geo-marketing analysis, GEOCONCEPT India also provides a complete integration of the census 2001 and census 2011 statistical variables at the unit level. This data set will enable the user to analyze  growth trends and  temporal changes in various demographic, amenities and assets indicators across regions

Enhancement of Geomarketing offering in China


GEOCONCEPT enhances its Geomarketing offering in China

Companies located in China – both Chinese and international brands – can now use a comprehensive package of data to analyze and optimize the performance of their sales networks.
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New version Geoconcept Web 5.1


GEOCONCEPT launches Geoconcept Web 5.1, the new version of the geographical information publishing solution.

Incorporating innovative Responsive Design technologies, Geoconcept Web 5.1 offers users new features and a responsive mode, providing an optimal experience when viewing web portals built with the solution. 

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Prizes in China : “Best Logistics Operations Optimization Solution”


The China Communications and Transportation Association rewards GEOCONCEPT geo-optimization solutions

The Opti-Time and TourSolver solutions have just won two prizes at a biennial ceremony organized by the China Communications and Transportation Association. These prices reward technologies enabling Chinese companies to be better positioned to improve their performance on the ground.

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GEOCONCEPT and HERE leverage their partnership in Latin America


GEOCONCEPT, the designer of geographical optimization technologies for professionals, and HERE, the cartographic and location services provider, are announcing their joint participation in the ANTAD exhibition, the hub for players in the retail supply chain markets, which will take place in Mexico City from 18-20 March. 

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GEOCONCEPT launches Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal 2.5


The collaborative solution for creating and sharing information and analyses, this cartographic web portal incorporates a new, high-performance and completely interactive sectoring module.

GEOCONCEPT, the designer of geographical optimization technologies for professionals, is today announcing the launch of Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal 2.5, the new version of its online collaborative solution for creating and sharing geographical information and analyses.
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