Opti-Time Field Service, the field service call planning and optimization solution

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  • Opti-Time Field Service Essentials

    € 55
    per month / technician*

    • Managed planning in your company’s service
    •  A turnkey service
    •  Assisted planning
    •  Mobile application
    •  Tracking notifications to customers: SMS, email
    •  Geo-location of technicians
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  • Opti-Time Field Service Premium

    € 75
    per month / technician*

    • The optimizations of your activities front and center of your organization
    • Essentials features +
    •  Bespoke solution
    •  Integration via API
    •  Automated optimization
    •  Scheduling from the mobile device
    •  Scanning module
    •  Product and hardware management
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Throughout the project you will have e-learning training courses and/or training given by a trainer, and personalized support from our team of expert consultants. In addition, the digital adoption platform integrated with the application makes the use of Opti-Time Field Service easier, and a support team is at your disposal.

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Opti-Time Field Service Essentials

Opti-Time Field Service Premium

Schedule management    
Interactive adjustment of schedules  
The scheduling wizard makes it simplicity itself to keep control over schedules by managing call lists, thanks to the ability to drag/drop them directly into the schedule.
Hazard management: absences, vacations, cancelled appointments, delays…  
Quickly reorganize your days by intelligently filling free timeslots in the schedules or by switching one technician’s schedule to another.
Taking account of road traffic  
Generate route plans taking account of actual average speeds on each section of the route.
Alerts to conflicts between, or non-compliance with constraints  
Take charge of your schedules while complying with constraints (hours, location, competences…).
Real-time proposal of timeslots  
In just a few clicks, your call center or hotline will offer the customer a timeslot while ensuring schedules that are always optimised.
Assisted call planning  
Keep control of your schedules: the wizard will offer you the best timeslots and warn you in the event of a conflict.
Automatic schedule optimisation  
Automated optimisation management for a large volume of data.
Mobile resource management    
Smart identification of technicians’ skills  
Use the optimisation engine to send the the right technician on the right call.
Availability and vacation planning  
The schedule provides you with a high level view of your team’s availability (presence, absences, skills…).
Organisation by team and agency  
The application reflects your organisation, thereby enabling you to independently manage different teams and work sites.
Subcontractor management  
Manage your subcontractors’ schedule or assign them certain calls.
Managing overnight stays  
Generate routes over several days, without returning home and with an integrated selection of accommodation.
Taking account of on-call hours  
Organise the churn in on-call hours between technicians and schedulers to manage unforeseen events.
Follow the movements of your vehicle fleet on a map in real-time and quickly assess the variance between actual and planned routes for the quickest possible response.
Customer and call management    
Generation of customer and call information sheets  
Manage a customer database directly in the application. The visit-related information (time of visit, photo, signature, attachments…) and activity history are automatically saved there.
Multi-technician calls  
If the call requires several technicians, they will be on the premises at the same time while carrying out their respective routes.
Management of repeat calls linked to the contracts  
The application automatically triggers the creation of a new call depending on the customer’s contract.
Customer communication  
Tracking notifications to customers by email and SMS, sending the visit report, satisfaction survey, customer portal.
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Mobile application    
Real-time tracking of route completion  
Follow calls as they progress: request an appointment, scheduling within a route, confirmation of a timeslot to the customer and final fulfilment by the technician.
Interactive proposal of timeslots to customers  
Your technicians offer their customers the best timeslot from the field: the least expensive, the fastest, and the best suited to their constraints and those of the company.
Creation of a visit report, photo, signatures  
Generate a dematerialized report to track the activity carried out during the call.
Scanning module  
Scan your products’ and equipment’s QR codes or barcodes to find out their status and location (collected, dropped off, at the warehouse or with the customer).
Management of products, supplies and equipment  
Track product installations, consumption of supplies and equipment reservation during calls.
Collaboration, messaging, display your colleagues  
Communicate with your team, find the nearest available technician to help you with an unforeseen event.
Configuration and administration    
Management of users’ profiles  
Assign different access rights to your co-workers depending on their business profile. Your co-workers will thus only have access to the features they require, and which are used on a day-to-day basis.
Creation of performance tracking dashboards  
Export and analyze the scheduling results to track and adjust deltas.
SSO authentication  
Connect with the same access rights as those of your company for greater security and working comfort. An additional configuration service provision is required, an additional quotation will be prepared for you.
Interface personalization  
Personalize in the application terminology with your own vocabulary your logo, your colors so that the interface is aligned with your activity.
API access  
Use the APIs to send data, request and track the progress of a route optimization exercise, and retrieve the results from it.
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Traffic (ETL)  
Use traffic (native ETL in the application) to automatically perform the flows set up between your different business offers.
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€ 55 / month
per technician*

€ 75 / month
per technician*

These prices are indicative and non-contractual, valid for a 12-month commitment.

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