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Why become a GEOCONCEPT partner?

Why become a GEOCONCEPT partner?

GEOCONCEPT technologies are available as components, enabling them to be fully integrated within organizations’ information systems. These components are also available as web services for quick and easy access to geographical optimization features.
If you want to offer your customers solutions based on geographical optimization, discover our dedicated offering tailored to your business model. Cloud solutions, mobile platforms and the strong demand for value-added solutions and services provide our partners with revenue potential.

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Our partners

Our publishing partners

Our publisher network includes international software publishers who are leaders in their respective fields. Our solutions provide business functionality that complements these publishers’ own capabilities (CRM, ERP, TMS, EAM...).

Anyline makes data capture simple, giving the power to read, interpret, and process visual information on mobile devices, websites, and embedded cameras.

Carl Software is the French and European leader among maintenance management and asset management (GMAO / Asset Management EAM).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative CRM, ERP and cloud solution combining data in all its forms with decision-making intelligence to boost company performance.

Rayonnance is a specialist for over 16 years in the installation of mobility and traceability applications for businesses using Windows, Android and iOS, dedicated to mobile resources.

Salesforce is a publisher of management software based on cloud solutions hosting enterprise applications. Salesforce is recognized the world over for its 360-degree CRM solutions.


Our integrator partners

GEOCONCEPT is associated with software companies and integrator partners: a single and highly qualified point of contact for delivering all your implementation projects.

Accenture, one of the world’s biggest international consulting and technology groups, exists to promote innovation as a way of improving everyday life and working methods.

Customertimes publishes mobile application software and integrates Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP CRM and ERP solutions.

EI-Technologies is a company specializing in digital consulting, in particular for IS technology developments. EI-Technologies boasts an approved Salesforce training center.

Hardis Group is a digital services company working to accelerate the transformation of our customers’ value chain, information systems and supply chain.

Our technology partners

To enable our customers to access technology appropriate to their needs, the GEOCONCEPT team works with digital technology professionals: mobile or connected device manufacturers, IoT network, Artificial Intelligence and telematics specialists.

CLYD, Cloud Mobile Device Management software created by Telelogos, is a powerful mobility management solution that is easy to use and deploy across all business sectors.

CROSSCALL offers waterproof mobile devices and smart phones that are robust and boast a long battery life; just the job for hostile environments and the field professionals who work in them.

Honeywell is a specialist in the automatic data collection and identification sector: barcode readers, mobile computers, voice solutions, printers.

A subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom, Objenious helps companies negotiate their way through the IoT revolution. LoRa® technology facilitates the deployment of new practices.

OCEAN, an Orange Group company, the French leader in on-board telematics and the IoT, provides route management and equipment traceability solutions.

SOPAC is a distributor of measuring instruments for quality control, checking thermal processes, cold chain monitoring, hygiene control and laboratory analyses.

Webfleet Solutions provides telematics solutions for fleet management. The WEBFLEET platform makes it possible to optimize activity, reduce vehicle costs and support drivers.

Zebra is a mobile IT hardware manufacturer; barcode printing, mobile data processing, data capture, location, data platforms, software, services and consumables.

Our cloud partner

Your data requires sustainable and secure hosting. GEOCONCEPT has therefore selected Microsoft Azure as a reference partner to address this need.

The centerpiece of Microsoft Azure’s technological innovation strategy is the provision of a suite of cloud services delivering agility, performance and security combined with an attractive economic proposition.

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GEOCONCEPT is a Microsoft co-selling partner.


Our data and cartographic partners

Our historic cartographic partners and suppliers are essential players in the data space. We select the best providers to bring you a high-quality service.

AAA-Data® sells the statistical and commercial data relating to new and secondhand vehicle registrations in France under Interior Ministry and CNIL control.

Éditerra is a specialist in map design and cartography in all its forms: road and aeronautical maps, town plans and transport networks…

HERE is the world leader in the provision of digital mapping data and traffic, geolocated navigation data, geolocated services and mobile advertising.

The IGN’s role is to describe the nation’s territorial surface and land use and to draw up and update the permanent inventory of national forestry resources.

Infostat Marketing has specialized in supplying competitive data and geo-marketing studies in the banking and insurance sectors for more than 10 years.

INSEE, a directorate-general of the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs, develops and delivers multilateral cooperation programs with the assistance of international organizations.

Nielsen is a world leader in marketing and consumer information, TV and other media viewing, online intelligence, mobile telephony viewing, tradeshows and related activities.

Our reseller partners

If your company is established outside France, we will address your optimization project via our network of international resellers and integrators, trained by our product experts.

Discover all our international reseller partners

Our GIS partners

The GEOCONCEPT Group works closely with its historical GIS partner network for integrating large-scale projects.

CGX System develops on-board technologies for enriching GIS native functionality. Its preferred sectors are the emergency services and logistics.

Gfi Progiciels (Geosphère) has been offering turnkey solutions in the cartography field since 1996, mainly for local authorities.

A major player in the alarm sector in France, Systel’s collaboration with the fire and rescue services dates back more than 15 years. Systel specializes in safeguarding criteria.

Our institutional partners

As part of its ongoing innovation policy, GEOCONCEPT takes part in national and European research programs. As such, the GEOCONCEPT Group is involved in developing various competitive centers of excellence. These programs, lasting an average of 3 years, enable GEOCONCEPT to define tomorrow’s geographical products.

The goal of AFIGÉO, Association Française pour l'Information Géographique (the French Association for Geographical Information), is to help develop the geographical information sector, both in France and internationally.

An international group, AFNOR is the French member of the European and international standards organizations. It represents the interests of France’s economic stakeholders.

Cap Digital is working to make the Île-de-France region a European digital benchmark. Cap Digital organizes the global annual get-together for digital innovation and the digital economy.

The remit of the Conseil national de l’information géographique (National Council for geographical information) is to educate the government on geographical information matters, and especially to coordinate stakeholder input.

The Pôle Systematic is a “technological information factory” representing the Ile-de-France at global level in the design and mastery of complex systems.

The Vallée Scientifique de la Bièvre accounts for 42% of scientific and technological activity in the Île-de-France. It is the linchpin of scientific research and cooperation for the region’s companies and institutes.

Become a partner

Becoming a GEOCONCEPT Group partner is:

  • collaborating intelligently by pooling our expertise;
  • co-building high value-added solutions for our customers;
  • meeting the demands of our customers and prospective customers with powerful and innovative solutions;
  • creating genuine synergy between partners to offer the most competitive technologies on the best possible terms.

The partners GEOCONCEPT is looking for:

  • Software publishers for OEM contracts;
  • Consultants and integrators (ESN);
  • International resellers;
  • Technologists.