Last mile delivery

Plan and optimise your delivery, distribution and collection routes

The climate and environmental challenges transforming the Transport and Logistics sector have impacted the economic model of hauliers and service providers involved in last kilometre logistics. In this context, GEOCONCEPT helps you better organise and control the mobility of your teams and goods.

What is last mile delivery?

The final leg in the distribution chain, last mile or kilometre logistics refers to all the resources involved in delivering a parcel, the transport of which is no longer on a shared basis, to its final recipient.
The most expensive and polluting link in the urban logistics chain, last kilometre delivery has been adversely impacted in recent years by the e-commerce boom. Traffic congestion, traffic restrictions, parking problems, absent customers…: last kilometre logistics face numerous challenges. Addressing them makes the intelligent planning of deliveries and route optimisation unavoidable.

Towards intelligent and environmentally friendly logistics thanks to geographical optimisation:


productivity gains of 10 to 30%


Impeccable service quality


Better working conditions


Environmentally-friendly approach

C Chez Vous, a subsidiary of the CASINO Group, optimizes each year more than 500,000 home deliveries of CDISCOUNT products weighing more than 30 kg.

"The implementation of GEOCONCEPT’s planning optimization solution is a global success, both from an economic, technical and human point of view. Thanks to the numerous developments and settings that have been made to the tool, we now have a perfectly optimized tour planning system."

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How can last kilometre delivery be made cheaper, acceptable and cleaner?


Our solutions have been recognised by Gartner since 2016 in the Market Guide Vehicle Routing and Scheduling, by Urban Lab, lthe Paris&Co experimental laboratory, in the Sustainable Urban Logistics programme and by the China Communication Transportation Association with its “Best logistics solutions” prize.

Our comprehensive and powerful range of solutions

They use the Opti-Time range

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White paper: How to reduce your transport costs?

Optimize logistics operations by implementing the right location-based technology.
This white paper aims to identify the chain of operations involved and establish the broad principles of the solutions that make it possible to optimize logistics operations by better managing the territorial aspects of movements and business organizations along with implementing the right location-based technology for the next generation of logistics platforms.

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