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Between time spent on the road and preparing appointments, your sales staff only spend one third of their time selling. To increase performance, GEOCONCEPT helps you tailor goals to the real situation on the ground by balancing the customer portfolio, better targeting of prospecting activities and optimizing visit routes.

What is managerial efficiency?

Managing a sales force is a challenge that is motivating and perilous in equal measure. Your company’s profitability requires you to reconcile your team’s performance and well-being. This balance, also known as managerial efficiency, can only be achieved by a sales manager who is responsive and attentive, concerned to help his team combine personal development and productivity. Achieving this requires analysis and comprehension of the sales territory, ensuring fairness between sales territories and the provision of tools that make it easier to prepare appointments, improve the quality of prospecting activities, and optimize field teams’ operational efficiency.




More appointments, fewer movements


Better working conditions


More time with the customer

Berner equipped its sales department with a powerful decision support tool for optimizing its sales management and sales territory management as regards field sales force routes.

"The intelligence of the Opti-Time system enables us to prepare the rounds directly with sales staff. It is an undeniable time-saving, while increasing the entire team’s flexibility and performance."

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White paper: optimizing sales force mobility

This white paper aims to identify the chain of operations involved and establish the broad principles of the solutions that make it possible to optimize mobiles sales force efficiency by better managing the territorial aspects of movements and business organizations.

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