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Diary optimized in real time, appointment planning, posting reports, search around function, time stamping calls…:

Opti-Time Mobile is the ideal field assistance tool for technicians, sales staff, delivery staff and auditors?

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Viewing assignments

diary, directory, navigational aid

Posting reports

time stamping, comments, photo, signature…

Requesting a schedule

booking an appointment, search around function

Data accessibility

synchronized online and off-line modes

A diary optimized in real-time

Permanently synchronized with the Opti-Time geoscheduling solution, mobile field forces have at their disposal a detailed and constantly up-to-date diary.

Features at your fingertips

Just a few steps are all it takes to call the contact, send him an e-mail, schedule a new appointment, adjust one’s geographical position…

Smooth-running assignments

No network when you want to post a report? Thanks to the synchronized off-line mode, agents can always rely on Opti-Time Mobile.

Unparalleled responsiveness

A customer cancels his appointment at the last moment? Opti-Time Mobile suggests an alternative list of appointments and identifies the sites closest to your current position.

The personalized aid to navigation

Is Waze your favorite application! In Opti-Time Mobile, you select and connect the navigation service of your choosing.


"Today we have an efficient, coherent and flexible route planning system that takes account of the mobile teams' work load and their various business constraints. GEOCONCEPT is a genuine partner in meeting our growth challenges."

Edouard Carvallo, Chief Executive - Allodiagnostic  Learn more  

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