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Accessible, simple, fast and efficient, Territory Manager is the benchmark web solution for fairly apportioning operations, teams and resources on a geographical basis. Sales managers, schedulers and decision-makers can use this intuitive tool to define powerful go-to-market strategies!

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Territory management

Sales sectors, delivery and service call areas, zoning

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Efficient organization

Analysis and correction of imbalances, anticipating activity peaks

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3-stage sectoring

Displaying sectors, automatic balancing, interactive adjustment


Collaborative work

Saving simulations, numerous options for exporting results.

All the advantages of a cloud solution

No installation, automatic updates and secure data: welcome to Territory Manager, your ready-to-use web solution!

Immediate familiarization

Its intuitive interface means Territory Manager is immediately familiar. Data import and location, tool configurations, interactive modifications… wizards provide step-by-step guidance!

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Why territory management?

Is your sales team growing? A spike in activity is forcing you to revisit the sharing of the workload between your technicians? Are your delivery personnel bumping into each other on the road and driving excessive distances? Optimal sectoring enables you to define sales targets and make them more reliable, ensure good market coverage and improve field team productivity.

A solution that enables you to be better organized

 Territory Manager helps you to:

  • display how your territory is currently organized (regional agencies, points of sale, warehouses…) ;
  • identify and understand existing imbalances and dysfunctions;
  • define the optimal distribution of your operations and resources.

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Organizing sales, logistics and technical operations

Because optimal resource allocation in the field is a prerequisite for call optimization, deliveries and service call schedules, all our optimization solutions incorporate sectoring features:

API: Territory Management within YOUR application

A dedicated API allows to integrate Territory Manager as a component into third-party applications such as CRM, ERP... It allows to inject data (parameters, items, sites, indicators...) and to export the result.

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Territory Management API

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