Control your territory data and actions with our Geographic Information System

Visualize, analyse and organize your networks and territories: land registry management, urban heritage, establishment and maintenance of infrastructure...

Thanks to GIS, it is now possible for these bodies to integrate the geographical component into their management practices, to optimize it and improve their territorial knowledge.

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Regional planning

GIS experts for local authorities or public services...
 Geographical representation and analysis tools allow managing the territorial data : land registry, town planning, utilities, school transport...

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Location of infrastructures

GIS helps you implanting and deploying the networks necessary to operate efficiently your territory: water, sanitation, lighting, public transportation...

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Operation of the utilities

Local authorities, public or private organizations for managing gas, electricity and water networks…
The cartographic tools are indispensable for visualizing and managing infrastructure.

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Territory communication

Public services, regions, departments, cities...
Many local authorities are required to use GIS and web publishing tools to interact with citizens and users of public services.

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Geographic Information System

Reference software: creating, managing and analyzing geographical data.

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Solution available as a standalone workstation and web version or as a web services: millions of addresses (batch geocoding), reverse geocoding, international geocoding.

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Online map publishing

Online map publication and geographical applications creation solutions for sharing information.

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Additional Modules

Display optimized for texts and symbols

Display engine: optimization of automatic text and symbol placement at each viewing scale.

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Customized map rendering

Map editor module: customized map rendering, control of geographical information processing

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Creating geographical objects

Module for adding data-entry constraints: alignment, drawing a circle, smoothed polyline...

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3D simulation

3-dimensional data processing module: intuitive navigation, 3D models, DTM generation…

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Services and data

Mapping and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a comprehensive range of data: cartographical and road data, traffic speeds, specific transport characteristics, commercial data, company files, points of interest: hotels, restaurants, car parks…

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To facilitate the rapid deployment of a solution, support it in everyday use and drive its development, a team of consulting engineers defines and supports your projects until they are fully integrated with the information system: analysis of the constraints and benefits of installing the solutions, pilots, skills transfer, technical assistance...

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Institut Géographique National, an historic user

Not to mention IGN, historic customer of GEOCONCEPT, which has made his greatest mapping productions with the Geoconcept GIS using hundreds of workstations and which today equip itself with an advanced mapping publishing tool (Publisher Enterprise). GEOCONCEPT has also been chosen by IGN for the implementation of the mapping platform and the web client for the 3 successive versions of its Geoportal.

Bordeaux City Hall's implementation of the Geoconcept Geographical Information System has optimised information sharing, thus improving the quality of the work done by all departments concerned.

GIS administrator, Bordeaux City Hall.

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